Psoriasis Treatment Options

Psoriasis Treatment Options

Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that causes skin cells to be produced too quickly. The excess production of skin cells causes scaly patches to develop on your skin. Psoriasis causes embarrassing and uncomfortable signs and symptoms. If you have psoriasis, your dermatologist can help you find relief. Dr. Damon McClain and Dr. Susannah Berke at Three Rivers Dermatology in Coraopolis, PA, provide a wide range of medical and cosmetic dermatology services, including diagnosis and treatment of psoriasis. They proudly serve residents of Coraopolis, and Pittsburgh, PA, areas.

What You Need to Know about Psoriasis

Psoriasis patches can develop on your elbows, knees, scalp, and other areas. The patches typically appear scaly and red, and they itch, sometimes severely. There are a few factors that can trigger an outbreak of psoriasis, including:

  • Experiencing stress
  • Suffering an illness
  • Developing a skin injury
  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Excessive cold or dry weather exposure
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Hormonal changes

Psoriasis is classified by how much of your body is affected, and treatment will depend on the severity of psoriasis:

For mild psoriasis–affecting less than 3% of your body, your dermatologist may recommend:

  • Over-the-counter or prescription-strength bath treatments, shampoos, and moisturizing creams
  • Prescription-strength topical steroid creams to control itching and slow skin cell growth
  • Laser therapy to eliminate psoriasis patches

For moderate psoriasis–affecting 3% to 10% of your body, or severe psoriasis–affecting over 10% of your body, your dermatologist may recommend:

  • Prescription-strength oral medications including Otezla and Sotyktu, to reduce inflammation and lower skin cell production
  • Biologic drugs, to suppress an overactive immune system in the most severe psoriasis cases
  • Light therapy including natural light, phototherapy, or lasers, to eliminate psoriasis patches

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